In Anaheim California, Imperial Technical Services (ITS) has been heavily involved with finishing its new product demo showroom.  The showroom includes four fully functioning state-of-the-art irrigation booster pumps. Alongside the booster pumps are more than a dozen controller assemblies showcasing the latest in smart controller technology available on the market.  Each smart controller is programmable through its own cloud profile and communicates through either WIFI, Ethernet radio, or cellular communication. The interior look is a hybrid mix between showroom and workplace, plus a nod to Imperial Synthetic Turf with its vibrant green flooring. This showroom will increase the functionality of professional training to employees and open clientele, allowing for a trial of the products ITS has to offer.

ITS was originally founded by Luis Moriel as Moriel Controller Repair (MCR) and then became part of Imperial Sprinkler Supply in 2005 as Imperial Technical Services (ITS). Additionally, Luis Moriel brought in Mark Pedicone who has over 30 years of industry experience and is a board member of the Green Industry Hall of Fame committee. Within just a few years, ITS has been recognized as the leader in irrigation technical services by industry professionals and continues to innovate problem-solving solutions for the irrigation industry.

ITS Open House has been postponed. Please check back for updates.