Water – the magic elixir that makes our landscapes green, grow and bloom. But it can be a tricky balancing act – too much is just as bad as too little.

The traditional irrigation system has changed with new technology developments in drip irrigation products. Subsurface drip tubing with high-efficiency integrated emitters, save water by preventing runoff and overhead watering waste, along with an extensive line of point source drip irrigation emission devices, Imperial carries every product you will need to make your landscape environmentally sound.

ISS can help you find just the right bubblers, nozzles, popups, spray heads, and rotors needed for any size and shape job site. We carry the newest irrigation product innovations to help you complete your job on time and budget, all backed by our customer assurance...Consider It Done.


How can we help you find the best WiFi and smart sprinkler controllers, rain sensors, solar sensors, and timers? With an industry-leading, expertly trained staff! Let the ISS professionals show you our selection of irrigation controller systems from the most reliable industry manufacturers.

Control valves are responsible for controlling the water flow to any irrigation system. Imperial offers a wide range of the highest quality low and high flow valves, angle valves, low and high-pressure valves, anti-siphion valves, brass and plastic RCV, and master valves! Stop in to any ISS branch location to see the latest from Hunter, Rain Bird, Irritrol, Toro, Superior, and Griswold.

Imperial Sprinkler Supply is an excellent source for backflow and regulator product information for our customer's everyday irrigation needs. Our branches stock a multitude of install-ready backflow blankets, backflow cages and enclosures, double-check pressure regulators, PVB, and reduced pressure strainers. Call, email, or visit today.

Imperial carries a full line of professional controller enclosures and backflow cages that maintain the long-term investment of any professional landscape design by making sure that product operation continues, regardless of the weather or vandals. All of our irrigation products are available at each of our 22 locations.

Our selection of system supplies is second to none. We carry the most trusted brands in the industry including Pacific Plastics, Lasco Fittings, NDS, JM Manufacturing, and Leemco. Having the right tools is essential to completing any project safely and efficiently.

Drip tubing lines are the lifelines of any irrigation system, efficiently carrying water to the plants that depend on them. ISS proudly carries blank tubing, drip line, emitters, filters, fittings, and regulators of all the major manufacturers.

ISS carries many water-saving emission devices. These include high-efficient spray nozzles, pressure regulated spray heads, and rotary and rotor driven sprinklers with integrated check valves to assist with water-saving and water waste prevention. Additionally, we offer a large selection of controllers for residential applications, all the way through, high-end commercial smart irrigation systems. These systems help save water, prevent water runoff, and can sense water line breaks, as well as, utilize smart technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet connectivity to communicate directly with you in real-time.

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