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ITS custom builds irrigation assemblies for the widest range of respected controller manufacturers’ products to guarantee the finest, easiest-to-use components and enclosures ensuring satisfaction and durability for many years.

With over 100 years of combined staff experience, Imperial Technical Services has established itself as the premier irrigation system go-to guys, providing irrigation products, systems, and technical advice to professional irrigation consultants, landscape architects, contractors and end users in the landscape trade. Check out our lineup of leading landscape solutions.

The ITS Binder is your ultimate specification guide, providing you with the intricate details essential for seamlessly integrating ITS Assemblies into your plans. With a comprehensive suite of tools, it enables you to confidently choose the right ITS components and your preferred manufacturer for your projects. In addition to detailed manufacturer specifications, cutsheets, and product literature, the binder offers invaluable guides to help you generate model numbers for inclusion in your irrigation detail plan sheet.

Learn About Irrigation Controller Assemblies with ITS and Rain Bird

Mark Pedicone and Luis Moriel from ITS present and explain specialized products that ITS proudly carries.

ITS custom-builds your Controller Assemblies from the widest range of respected controller manufacturers’ products to guarantee the finest, easiest-to-use components and enclosures ensuring satisfaction and durability for many years.
• Custom-built to your specifications
• Factory assembled and fully tested
• Vandal-resistant stainless steel enclosures
• Customer built terminal boards for easy wire hookup
• Hidden wiring protects electronics from damage
• 5-year extended warranty
• UL Listed and Approved


Whether your project calls for traditional controllers or intelligent home automation, ISS stocks all the major manufacturers and most recent technology in Digital, LED, Incandescent, Color Themes, BlueTooth, Mulit-Tap, Zoning and Dimming to assure your project exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Barrett Pumps: With over 40 years of experience and 4,000 systems installed throughout the western U.S., Barrett Engineered Pumps’ Irriboost™ is the premier booster pump system specified by top designers in the industry. Used in most major cities, school districts, universities, private associations, commercial properties, cemeteries and military facilities, there isn’t a more flexible, reliable system designed to last decades with little or no maintenance like an Irriboost™.

• Pumps from small 20” x 30” low flow systems to multi-pump mega-flow systems with features and benefits to meet every need
• The smallest footprint available, Quick Pad™ mounted systems, 30” x 42” assemblies to 20 HP, to large 25 + HP systems that won’t exceed 48” x 60”
• Marine-grade aluminum enclosures and stainless steel piping
• The best service and technical support in the industry, including start-up & certification with every system
• Available with filtration & hydrometers pre-mounted with the pump system assemblies
• Long-term warranty. We back what we build!

Rain Bird Pumps: Offering a variety of irrigation pump stations to meet your specific application needs, from light commercial complete pump stations to highly engineered and customized pumping solutions for a wide range of applications. Utilizing Rain Bird's world-leading irrigation expertise, Rain Bird is able to provide a complete, totally integrated irrigation solution from reservoir all the way to your plants.

Munro Pumps: Manufactures pumps, pump controls, and pumping systems for many different applications, including: irrigation, agricultural, mining, municipal, water features, and wastewater. Whether they’re developing a new product, sourcing the right component, or improving a customer’s outcome, innovation happens every day at Munro.

Decoder Systems have been around for over 30 years and provide an excellent cost saving alternative to conventional multi-wire systems. Today’s systems are versatile, flexible, feature-rich and can save money both in materials and installation labor. Get the complete lowdown on a cost-effective Decoder Controller system from ITS.

• Systems that handle up to 500 stations from multiple controller manufacturers
• Interfaces that convert conventional controllers to decoder-based valve operation
• Stand alone, server based, Cloud Based, or central computer controlled-type systems
• Flow and rain sensing, E.T. and weather based, and remote control capabilities
• Allows use of 18 gage wire for runs up to two miles

In our tireless pursuit of solar irrigation technology leadership, we’ve taken a large leap forward marrying the latest science and hardware into engineered solar products packaged for landscape professionals. Our goal is simple, offer solar systems that exceed your expectations, cost less, and operate more efficiently than systems previously available. Our Solar Assemblies use fewer panels and batteries, take up less space, and will operate five years without replacing a single gel cellbattery. That’s the ITS Solar Assembly System advantage.
• Immediate payback when compared to installing a new meter enclosure for controller only installations
• The only Engineered Certified panel and pole configurations in the industry
• Multiple pole designs available from large 6” to smaller 3” diameter sizes
• Custom built to your specifications
• Factory assembled and fully tested
• 5 year extended warranty

This is unlike anything you’ve ever seen for irrigation control. This breakthrough product has been praised since we created it in 2008. Now, the fourth generation CSA features a new touch screen design — a first in this industry. Others have tried to copy it, but only ITS has the experience and technical know-how to perfect such a unique product. With over 300 systems installed, trust the Coach’s Switch Assembly system for unrivaled design, support, and renowned ITS technical superiority.
• Custom synthetic or baseball field design puts your field(s) in the screen * Each CSA can handle up to three fields with up to 10 valves per field
• May integrate into decoder system, valve-in-head, and standard valves
• Flow sensing capable with NO or NC Master Valves
• 5” or 8” color touch screen options
• Custom built to your specifications
• Factory assembled and fully tested
• Remote control capable
• 5-year extended warranty

Developing and perfecting fertilizer injection systems for the past 20 years ensures you have experience and knowledge working for you. Fertiboost™ proportional injection systems are simple, cost effective, and incredibly efficient. Save labor, reduce fertilizer use, and improve efficacy at a cost of only about $10 – $15 per acre per month.
• Fertiboost I systems from 5 gph to 12 gph up to 140 psi
• Fertiboost II systems from 7 gph to 30 gph up to 200 psi
• All Fertiboost systems feature proportional injection operation
• Flexible application rate adjustments
• Capable of operating on flow only, or flow and 24V/ Controller activation
• In-ground dual tanks for system protection
• Quick Pad™ mount or tank mount – lockable and protected

With gray and rain water harvesting systems, everything revolves around the heart of the system: the booster pump. Only ITS has the expertise to design, engineer and construct these systems, simplifying the process to ensure that the Harvesting system meets the needs of the site.
• Systems from simple rain water collection to complex grey water systems integrating pH control, filtration, UV filters, flow management, and auxiliary water source control.
• Tanks of all sizes and styles.
• Controls capable of managing up to 10 sensor inputs and 20 sensor outputs and internet server capable

Field Service Technicians

ITS field service technicians are trained professionals engaged in performing the field installation and maintenance of our custom-built irrigation systems. The technicians are responsible for the field operation, troubleshooting, repair, and client training of our products. Additionally, they deliver the highest level of customer service and assistance while out in the field.

These systems help save water, prevent water runoff, and sense water line breaks. They utilize smart technologies including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet connectivity to communicate directly with you in real time. This is all possible with the use of Smart Controllers, Weather and Solar Sensors, Wind Sensors, Moisture Sensors, and Flow Sensors.



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