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Imperial Synthetic Turf

Our synthetic turf system allows for a cleaner and safer environment; harmful and dangerous substances are easily identified and removed. With our system, there is no longer an exposure to potentially harmful chemicals like: fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, or other landscape chemicals.

Offering unrivaled quality, outstanding value, and elegant beauty, our range of synthetic lawns will exceed every expectation.


Adding hardscapes to your next project is the next step in making your renovation Eco-friendly. At Imperial Sprinkler Supply we pride ourselves in having in stock Hardscape ready to be picked up and installed. Help save your customer Money and Water all at once. For information about our in-stock hardscape call your nearest branch today.


Imperial Sprinkler Supply carries a complete line of energy-saving LED light fixtures and bulbs, as well as, landscape lighting transformers and fixtures that utilize Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology and can easily be integrated into any smart home. Alexa and Google Home integration is also possible with the specific products we offer. Contact any ISS location or Customer Service for details.


ISS carries many water-saving emission devices. These include high-efficient spray nozzles, pressure regulated spray heads, and rotary and rotor driven sprinklers with integrated check valves to assist with water-saving and water waste prevention. Additionally, we offer a large selection of controllers for residential applications, all the way through, high-end commercial smart irrigation systems. These systems help save water, prevent water runoff, and can sense water line breaks, as well as, utilize smart technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet connectivity to communicate directly with you in real-time.