Turf & Landscape Care Products

Healthy plants, grasses and trees are the result of proper soil amendments and fertilizers.

Not only can you rely on ISS for the proper care and feeding of your plantings, but, we also provide all the necessary materials to protect against water erosion and root intrusion.

Whether you are looking for traditional dry fertilizer, liquid-based fertilizer to apply via a fertilizer injector, or organic or natural fertilizers, Imperial supplies a full range of fertilizers and brands for every project.


Does your soil need work? Gypsum, compost, planting mix, seed topper, soil conditioners, nitrolized fir shavings, walk on/shredded bark and more, we have all you need for any landscape project. All of our soil ammendments are available by the bag, pallet or we also offer large bulk bags of product or bulk truckload deliveries to your jobsite on many of our everyday items.

Imperial Sprinkler Supply offers ryegrass seed for overseeding season, new lawn seed such as tall fescue or bermuda grass and all the lawn care accessories and materials needed for a beautifully and professionally landscaped lawn.

Imperial Sprinkler Supply is an authorized dealer and vendor partner of all of the best sod growers in the country. For large sod orders, ISS can supply and facilitate direct-to-jobsite deliveries, allowing for a hassle-free product delivery experience. Additionally, our facilities can also serve as drop-off points for smaller orders, allowing you the flexibility of will-call pick-up that includes the superior customer service we are known for.

Attack weeds at the source and make sure they donโ€™t have a chance to invade your landscape jobsites with the proper pre and post emergents. We carry a full line of dry and liquid-based weed control and prevention products.

Weeds, grasses, insects, and all the things that nature can bring to your landscape can get out of control very quickly. Prevent this from happening with Imperial's full line of weed killers, 2-4D products that kill select weeds in grasses, insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators. We have every product necessary to control or prevent any professional landscape care situation.

Imperial supplies all the professional equipment required to safely apply any turf and landscape care product. Fertilizer and seed spreaders, backpack or tank sprayers, goggles, gloves, respirators, chemical suits, and so much more are available at every Imperial Sprinkler Supply location.

PCA Recommendation Available Upon Request

Not sure what products are needed to handle your landscape care concerns? Imperial can provide a product application recommendation by a certified Pest Control Advisor. Contact your local branch or customer service for more information.

Soil Testing Services

Did you know? ISS offers soil testing services! Come in to any Imperial branch location and drop off your soil samples to be tested and once processed, we can make a professional recommendation of necessary corrections for the perfect soil conditions for succesful plant, tree, or grass growth.

Eco Friendly Products

Organic and natural fertilizers can be ideal for certain landscape projects because they feed the soil and create a sustainable environment. Imperial offers the nutrient-rich, organic products and supplements needed for any natural landscape project.

Turf & Landscape Partners

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